24 March 2010


Ahli PEPIAS bersama Umi (Datin Fauziah)
dihadapan pintu masuk penjara juvana kajang

Pada hari Sabtu 20 Mac 2010 yg lalu, sekumpulan 6 orang ahli PEPIAS telah mengadakan program ziarah ke penjara kajang. Ini merupakan program kali ke-3 PEPIAS sebagai susulan program- program terdahulu. Program ini disertai oleh 49 orang banduan juvana yang mempunyai latar belakang yang pelbagai.

Program dimulakan dengan pendaftaran sebagai pelawat penjara pada jam 9.00 pagi. Pendaftaran diuruskan oleh Datin Fauziah (Ummi) bersama wakil PEPIAS sdr. Hafiz (YDP Pandan) Program diteruskan dengan sesi perbincangn modul dan pengenalan ringkas oleh Ummi berkenaan Persatuan Siswazah Malaysia dan program ziarah ke penjara.

Kami dibenarkan masuk jam 10.00 pagi dan mengesahkan identiti kami di post banduan juvana dan sedikit pemeriksaan ringkas oleh pegawai penjara. Kami diiringi oleh seorang pegawai yang mengawasi peserta sepanjang program.

Sesi perbincangan dikalangan Fasilitator PEPIAS

Program bersama peserta dimulakan oleh Ummi dengan ta'aruf ringkas dan alunan nasyid asma ul husna. Peserta kemudian dipecahkan kepada 2 kumpulan yang dikendalikan oleh sdr. zulhelmi & sdr. fawwaz. Beberapa aktiviti telah dijalankan antaranya "Robot & Tuan" dan sesi kuis agama.

Kemudian peserta berkumpul semula dan program diteruskan dengan tayangan video berkenaan kebesaran Allah yang selari dengan matlamat program "mengenal kebesaran Allah". Kemudian sdr. Hafiz memimpin nyanyian Nasyid "demi Matahari" dan bacaan doa robitah. Selepas bersalaman, kami bersurai dengan peserta pada jam 1.00 petang.

16 March 2010

Belia hari ini mahu jadi kaya

Sunday March 14, 2010

‘I want to be a millionaire’


No longer a dream but a possibility, today’s youth aspire to be rich, become a millionaire by the age of 35, and are confident that they can attain their ambition.

WITH role models like Mark Zuckerberg, 26, founder of Facebook and youngest self-made businessman worth more than a billion dollars; and Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, it is no wonder that the young think they can hit the jackpot too. The lure of being young and successful is strong – with icons that made their millions barely out of university.

In today’s world of success equals wealth, many see their paper qualification as a mere stepping stone to routes that will bring them an income beyond a simple salary.

Role models: The success of Googlefounders Page (left) and Brin has spurred the young to think that they too can hit the jackpot.
“They are all exciting beacons of possibility for a generation looking for ‘heroes’ to emulate,” says Rajen.
“The appalling lack of political calibre we see everywhere, both in Malaysia and internationally, and the flaky behaviour of some entertainers and sports personalities, have caused today’s young people to increasingly choose to look toward business icons as role models. Financial success is, naturally enough, tied to high achievement in that arena,” he adds.
Joel Neoh, the executive-director of YouthSays, is surprised that almost everyone who took the poll aspires to be a milionaire.
“What is interesting is how many would eventually become one. Many won’t be able to achieve the goal,” he opines.
He is not too sure if the term “millionaire” means having RM1mil in cash or collective assets or a combination of both.
“If it’s collective assets, it’s very possible to achieve it today. About 10 to 15 years of savings can amass to that amount (car, house, etc). However, if it is RM1mil cash, this is quite a challenge to do so before the age of 35 if one is a salaried worker. But if one is running a business, then the chances are higher,” he says.

Neoh believes there is a rise in the number of young adults working towards such a goal and attributes it to how materialistic society has become.
“Materialism is a big part of our society. Many of our parents tell us to get a good degree and good job. For many, being successful means being rich,” he says.
CEO of youth agency Summer Sands, Bernard Hor, shares that there is an increasing market for “how to get rich” courses, citing the many wealth academies and programmes available for those who want to learn how to make money.
“Many of those who go for such programmes are college students,” says Hor.
He adds that the multi-level- marketing (MLM) concept has the most active penetration in the campuses. He claims that research indicates that at least nine out of 10 students are exposed to what MLM has to offer. Hor says that six or seven students join MLM in one way or another.
“They have been sold the idea of making their millions through such marketing,” says Hor, adding that many of them aim to reach their goal before turning 30.

In fact, almost 75% of respondents agreed that being a millionaire was the single-most important thing in their life.
So what is the motivation for becoming a millionaire?
For ATCEN Founder and Group CEO Ernie Chen, being a millionaire is just sexy.
“Why wouldn’t you want to be one? Every kid I’ve met wants to have the cars and houses. They get the idea from TV shows and movies – pop culture, basically. The founders of Google were only in their 20s when they became not just millionaires, but billionaires,” says Chen who runs the Millionaire Business School.
But it is more than just being rich for glamour’s sake; saving for retirement is an important consideration too, especially with the increasing cost of living and inflation.

Neoh: ‘Materialism is a big part of our society’.
“We know that in order to maintain the lifestyles we’re accustomed to, we need more than just a basic job to get that million ringgit. My priority in terms of a career right now would be a first job that would broaden my horizons. I’m going to try to earn as much money as I can once I’m done with studying,” he says.
Rajen says that most Malaysians now in their 30s and 40s who hope to retire between the ages of 55 and 65 are likely to need between RM500,000 and RM5 mil, depending on their lifestyles.
“The snowballing effects of inflation will almost certainly kick in well before we retire, thus necessitating millionaire status simply to afford simple amenities in the 2040 to 2050 time period,” he says.
He believes the growing ambitions of today’s youth are also indicative of higher expectations they are willing to place on themselves.
“All this suggests that more young people are willing to pay the high price, in terms of discipline, diligence and courage, to break the bounds of conventional employment and build businesses or professional practices that will grant them their lofty desired economic outcomes,” he adds.
But while almost everyone wants to become a millionaire, not everyone will succeed in doing so.
“I’ve met young people who have huge aspirations. The reality is that some will make it, some will not. If everyone does well, the economy will get better, our country will do better,” says Chen.

source: http://thestar. com.my/news/ story.asp? file=/2010/ 3/14/focus/ 5739757&sec=focus

The Sunday Star survey “So you want to be a millionaire?” with YouthSays andUniversiti Tunku Abdul Rahman polled 1,678 people below the age of 30thoughout the country.
The 96% figure is significantly higher than that expected by some financial planners.
Securities Commission-licensed financial planner Rajen Devadason said: “I’m surprised such a high proportion of respondents want to be millionaires. In my own experience, it is usually in the 60% to 70% range.”
He pointed out that most of the respondents were between 18 and 27 years and at that age, most people usually did not think too much about their future.
“They are busy living for the exciting present,” he said.
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s children and youth psychology specialist Dr Khaidzir Ismail, however, said the findings showed that those surveyed had high self-esteem.
“At least they have the motivation even if the goal is not easy to achieve,” he said. “I believe that if they are given the opportunity and shown the way, they will achieve it.”
Rajen, however, found it disturbing that 75% of the respondents said to become a millionaire was the single most important thing in their lives.
“It is soul-damaging,” he added.
Help University College vice-president and psychologist Dr Goh Chee Leong said that while a big number aspired to be millionaires, only about half agreed that it would make them happier.
Dr Goh said he was pleased that only a minority (25%) would be willing to give up ethics to be become a millionaire.

P/S-  25%????  in terms of probability, that's 1 out of 4 !!!! 

source: http://thestar. com.my/news/ story.asp? file=/2010/ 3/14/nation/ 5749183&sec=nation



14 March 2010

Eksplorasi Dakwah & Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan 2010

Seramai 3 wakil PEPIAS telah berangkat bersama-sama dalam eksplorasi dakwah ini iaitu :

1) Sdr Abdul Syukur B. Muhammad Sharif - Timbalan Presiden PEPIAS
2) Sdr Shafezan B Rusli - Exco Latihan dan Kepimpinan
3) Sdri Hanis Farhana Bt Zaharin - Exco Perhubungan dan Informasi

Semoga pergi dan pulang dengan selamat dan dapat menceritakan pengalaman setelah pulang ke tanah air nanti. Jangan terlekat di sana sudah.


1,894 dapat semua A

SHAH ALAM: Seramai 1,894 calon Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2009 di Selangor mendapat keputusan A bagi semua mata pelajaran dan 54 daripadanya mendapat keputusan cemerlang dengan semua A+.

Pengarah Pelajaran Selangor, Sulaiman Wak, berkata seramai 63,389 calon menduduki SPM dengan 57,117 (97.11 peratus) calon berjaya mendapat sijil SPM.

“Gred Purata Negeri dalam peperiksaan SPM bagi Selangor ialah 5.07 berbanding 5.29 pada 2008,” katanya pada sidang media di sini, semalam.

* moga2 adi-adik program PEPIAS tersenarai ea dalam 1894 orang tu

13 March 2010

PeBIS 2010

Berakhirnya PeBIS 2010...

Alhamdulillah, syukur kehadrat Illahi Perkhemahan Belia Islam Selangor 2010 (PeBIS) telah berakhir dengan jayanya pada 7 Mac 2010 tepat pukul 02.35 pm . Program PeBIS ini telah berlangsung di Kem Nur Bukit Unggul, Sepang selama 3 hari 2 malam bermula 5 - 7 Mac 2010. Program PeBIS yang dianjurkan oleh Persatuan Pelajar Islam Selangor Darul Ehsan (PEPIAS) dengan kerjasama Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) ini di hadiri oleh peserta-peserta PMG ke 9 dan 10, ahli-ahli PEPIAS dari setiap kampus dan pimpinan PEPIAS Pusat. Seramai 122 peserta telah menglibatkan diri di dalam PeBIS ini (lebih 2 orang dari tahun lepas).

Program yang ketuai oleh Sdr Mohd Hafiz Bin Shamon iaitu sebagai Pengarah Program PeBIS kali ini telah dijayakan dengan sokongan daripada pelbagai pihak yang telah menaja perkhemahan ini dari segi alat-alatan, pengangkutan, khemah dan lain-lain walaupun terdapat pelbagai kesulitan sebelum program ini dijalankan. Antara objektif utama program PeBIS ini ialah menyediakan para belia yang berkeyakinan tinggi dan mampu memberi semangat juang dalam menghadapi cabaran, menggilap potensi dan jati diri kader-kader agar dapat menjadi lebih berketrampilan dan mempunyai peribadi da’ie yang baik serta menjadikan belia dan pelajar sebagai agen perubah bagi masyarakat yang semakin hari dilihat semakin jauh menyimpang daripada nilai-nilai agama dan norma-norma kehidupan masyarakat yang bertamadun.

ra aktiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan sepanjang PeBIS 2010 ini ialah peserta-peserta dibahagikan mengikut rumah sukan iaitu Rumah Merah, Hitam, Biru, Kuning, Hijau, Peach, Ungu, Pink, Jungle Trekking, Cooking in Jungle, Solat Berjemaah, Qiammulail, Obstacle, Explorace (makan bawang, selam dalam kolam, sudoku dll), Sukaneka, Ceramah oleh Sdr Presiden PEPIAS, Mohd Zulhilmi b Abdullah, presentation dan macam-macam lagi. Pertukaran tempat tidur dari khemah ke dewan berhawa dingin sedikit sebanyak telah menghilangkan seri perkhemahan ini namun peserta tetap bersemangat meneruskan program ini walaupun hujan membasahi tanah yang subur di Bukit Unggul itu. Perasmian penutup Program PeBIS kali ke 2 ini pada 7 Mac telah dirasmikan oleh Tuan Presiden sendiri.

Pelbagai kenangan telah diperolehi sepanjang program ini dijalankan. Semoga objektif yang diterapkan dapat digunakan sebaiknya oleh setiap peserta. Ukhwah yang terbina akan kekal selamanya dalam menjalankan kerja dakwah ini. Tersematnya moto PeBIS dihati setiap peserta iaitu BELIA GAGAH PEMBANGKIT WIBAWA UMMAH maka berkobarlah lagi untuk bergiat dalam medan ini bersama wadah PEPIAS.

Disini kita bermula untuk penerusan kerja yang banyak...Ingat banyak lagi kerja kita perlu buat..Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita. Jangan malu untuk tarik orang lain bersama kita.

Tahniah diucapkan kepada yang terlibat secara langsung ataupun tidak dalam menjayakan Pebis 2010 kali ini terutamanya kepada Pengarah dan komiti-komiti Pebis yang penuh komitmen, PEPIAS PUSAT, HISEP serta buat semua peserta PebIS 2010. Jumpa lagi di kerja dakwah. Sekian.

Salahuddin Al-Ayubi...Auuumm!!!
Salman Al Farisi
Umar Abd Aziz
Hulagu Khan
Umar Al Khatab
Khalid Al-Walid
Sultan Mohamad Al-Fateh
Bilal b Rabah

Nantikan PeBIS 2011...

11 March 2010

Atas permintaan saudari Pen. Bendahari Agung (Sdri Fatimah) secara peribadi, berikut ialah ucapan beliau kepada seluruh warga PEPIAS sebagai rasa penghargaannya:

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh...

Semoga pembaca-pembaca blog PEPIAS sekalian sentiasa berada dalam rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah subhanahu wa taala...

Pertamanya, maaf jika entri ini bersifat peribadi, tetapi saya rasakan, saya perlu menulisnya atas dasar ukhuwwah Islamiyyah yang telah lama terjalin...

3 Mac 2010, jam 4-5 petang, mak saya dimasukkan ke Unit Rawatan Rapi Am (ICU), Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) disebabkan kadar gula yang terlampau tinggi dalam badan beliau (penyebab utama), juga akibat kesan daripada penyakit-penyakit lain yang ditakdirkan Allah untuk menginap dalam badan mak...

Tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran perkara sebegitu akan berlaku ke atas kami sekeluarga (dan saya yakin tiada siapa pun yang mahu ia berlaku ke atas diri dan keluarga masing-masing). Bukan untuk mempertikaikan apa-apa yang berlaku, cuma ingin berkongsi ketenangan hati memikirkan kebijaksanaan-Nya mengatur dan mentadbir hidup makhluk ciptaan-Nya. Subhanallah (13:28)…

Alhamdulillah, mak beransur pulih dan semakin sihat, tetapi masih ada pembedahan yang perlu beliau jalani (saat entri ini ditulis) dan rawatan-rawatan susulan yang tertentu untuk ditempuhi. Semoga kita semua sentiasa diberi kesihatan akidah, fizikal, mental, emosi, rohani, dan sebagainya, agar dapat menjadi hamba dan khalifah-Nya yang diredhai oleh-Nya. Ameen...

Apapun yang telah, sedang dan akan berlaku, kita hendaklah sentiasa redha akan ketentuan Yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang. Bukan sedikit hikmah yang tersirat di sebalik segala sesuatu yang berlaku.

Nasihat dan peringatan untuk diri ini yang selalu leka, alpa dan lalai, juga buat teman-teman sekalian, marilah sama-sama kita sentiasa memperkuat ikatan hati dan pergantungan kita kepada Dia, Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum, agar kita semua dapat mencapai apa yang diajarkan oleh Jibril kepada kekasih Dia, dan yang sentiasa diulang tayang dan diulang dengar dalam hidup kita iaitu Ihsan.

Jutaan terima kasih dan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada sahabat-sahabat sekalian yang sudi membantu dengan apa jua cara sekalipun, khususnya kepada saudara Zafrullah bin Aris (Setiausaha Agung PEPIAS) yang banyak membantu di saat-saat yang sangat tidak stabil, genting dan cemas. Bacaan doa, surah yaasin, solat hajat, kata-kata semangat untuk meneruskan kehidupan dengan lebih baik, ziarah, dan segala bantuan yang kalian sumbangkan, hanya Allah yang mampu membalasnya.

Semoga Allah mengganjarkan syurga Firdaus Al-A'la kepada kita semua... Allahumma Ameen...



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